One of our customers, always attentive to market changes, has chosen to purchase the ROTOMEC rotary press.

The press has been designed down to the smallest detail.

 Industrial machine for pressing and ironing of leather
Energy saving rotary press.
  • High pressures;
  • Kissplate effect ironing;
  • Intuitive and simple display.

In short, a modern and competitive rotary press.

New Cemi Commerce has chosen Rotomec as a partner, because they both share the same corporate development and innovation policy.

Rotomec is a company specialized in rotary presses for ironing leather.

It mainly invests in research and development to improve the performance and continuous innovations of the tanning industry.

All strictly Made in Italy. In fact, the Newton 1800 Rotary Press has been designed, built, assembled and tested in ITALY.

Sale and assistance of new tannery machines. Specialized in the construction of IROKO wooden drums. Used machinery re-conditioning.

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